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Jacksonville Stretch Ceiling Original installation

What is Stretched Ceiling?

A stretched ceiling provides much of the same advantages as dropped ceilings. They can help to cover up the poor condition of the existing ceiling and cover wires, ducts, and pipes.

The Stretch Ceiling system also called the “French Ceiling” is a versatile and highly economical system that can be illuminated, non-illuminated, high reflective glossy, matte, satin, pearl, chameleon, sparkled, printed and also comes in an extensive range of colors with a wide choice of textures. Any shape or size is possible, curves, arches, etc. These ceilings membrane can also be installed much faster than most other ceiling finishes available. This French innovative stretch ceilings system is made of polyester fabric.
A Stretch Ceiling is a suspended membrane ceiling system consisting of two basic components: – a track affixed to the wall. – a Lightweight high-quality canvas film which stretches and clips into the track. The Stretch Ceiling is very popular around the world for decades.
– Batica Renov Company has created his own stretch ceiling installation system with significantly upgraded stretch ceiling techniques.

– We are licensed and insured.

– We have been Certified Stretch Ceiling Installer since 1990.

– Batica-Renov USA is present in Florida since 2014.

– We can show you REAL pictures of our job (not the one buying on internet).

– We have the real proven satisfied customer.

– No Popcorn removal.

Installed easily and quickly, sometimes the same day it will depends of the size of the room, with many advantages: Hygienic, non-flammable, washable, 100% airtight, acoustic.

– We have installed over 1.500.000 Sqf of Stretch Ceiling and counting…

Thanks to an easy and fast installation, its sturdiness, an impeccable finish, endless possibility to customize and accordance with all worldwide standards, stretch ceiling has become a real solution for the retail industry, renovation, warehouse and new ceiling design.

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